Catherine MacGuinness found her way back home to Ireland during the Summer of 2018 following 26 years in California. She worked there as a hospice nurse, studied spirituality and various forms of body therapies. She is an accredited body therapy practitioner who specialises in Rosen Method body therapy.

These years in California were preceded by 17 deeply rewarding years in West Africa – Ghana and Nigeria, working as a nurse and midwife. She founded a Primary Health Care program for village people living in a remote area and distant from hospital care. Using simple, preventive health care among native people, especially women and children, proved to be life saving for the very young. These years and experiences in difficult and challenging situations have given Catherine the capacity to be creative, flexible, caring and compassionate.

Growing up in Ireland, in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Catherine was one of 7 children and the first of 6 daughters of a much-loved family medical doctor. From a very early age she has memories of accompanying him to visit people in their homes, near and far away. This brought her into close contact with a variety of people, and gave her an understanding of poverty in Ireland in the 50’s and later years. At the age of 18 she joined a religious community which nurtured and gave expression to her spirituality.