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Rosen Method has two integrated components: Rosen Method Bodywork and The Rosen Method of Movement. Rosen Method Bodywork is an original form of somatic approach which addresses physical tension within the body. This body-centred therapy, a form of gentle touch, together with verbal communication helps people to become aware of what they are holding – physically and emotionally – in their body. When tension in the body is contacted, in a space of safety and non-judgement, it can relax deeply and let go of stress and pain.

The Rosen Method of  Movement is based on the knowledge of the function of all the joints in the body. The movements are gentle and engage the core, improve range of motion, flexibility in the joints and body, and free the diaphragm to allow natural breathing.  The movements are done with ease and with the pleasure of moving to music. The end of the class is marked by participants feeling a renewed energy, joy, and relaxation. This movement is for everyone.

“This work is about transformation from the person we think we are to the person we really are.” – Marion Rosen

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Catherine MacGuinness

Catherine has lived a very interesting and varied life. To begin with she has lived and worked in 3 different continents, and 5 different countries, spending a considerable length of time in each of them. Because of her various cultural life and work experiences, she is very comfortable with diversity, has a deep respect for individual cultures, the individual person, and the gift each one of us bring to where we live and to our daily lives.

All these experiences have given her a wide perspective from which she continually draws. Her work combines a wide knowledge of the body with intuition and compassion, while being mindful of the body mind, and spirit connection in assisting the healing process.

Before returning home to Ireland, in the summer of 2018, to her native County Louth, she spent 26 years in California, worked as a hospice nurse while studying spirituality, the Rosen Method: Bodywork and Movement, as well as  other forms of body therapies.

Coming home to Ireland was important to her for many reasons, but particularly as she wanted to introduce Rosen Method, this beautiful and gentle body therapy and movement, to the many parts of Ireland where it is not well known. This important work is already well established in the United States, Canada, UK, throughout most of Europe, Scandinavia, and as far as Australia and Russia.

Catherine feels especially grateful that she was taught by Marion Rosen (founder of Rosen Method) in Berkeley California in the early 90’s. She practiced Rosen Method for 25 years in California and became a teacher of The Rosen Method of Movement in 2014. Catherine is very passionate about this work and wants to spread the ‘good news’ about Rosen Method here in Ireland during the remainder of her precious years of life.

She recently opened her private practice in Blackrock Co. Louth and gives workshops locally to introduce Rosen Method to her Irish clients.

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“I want to thank you for your healing hands and Heart. The sessions I’ve had with you have opened my heart and freed up parts of my body. Rosen Method body therapy is much more than I ever thought it could be. Thank you for giving me a place to express parts of myself I didn’t know existed. I now know I can bring up past memories and they can have a safe place to be healed. My life can move forward with more confidence from the experience of Rosen Method”.


“For 7 years I was taking 800 -100mgs. of Ibuprofen daily for headaches, migraines, and neck pain. Rosen Method has freed me from living with pain every single day day of my life.”


” My Rosen Method sessions with Catherine have allowed me to relax deep within. I have found a new self  inside…a little girl waiting in all her innocence to surface and to give me new life. Catherine is helping to show her the way.”


Workshops and Classes

Catherine has already begun to give private bodytherapy sessions, and Rosen Method Workshops in Dundalk Co. Louth, to introduce Rosen Method to her Irish clients. She hopes to continue doing so very soon. Upcoming classes in The Rosen Method of Movement also starting very soon in Blackrock Community Centre. Please check Blog and Social Media for upcoming news and classes.

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