The gentle listening touch of Rosen Method Bodywork often brings into our consciousness how we are living our lives, what we yearn for, our desires for connection with oneself and others. Our bodies have an inner wisdom that can speak to us through metaphors, images and feelings. Inside each of us, there is a place of deep knowing where we can find our truth. The truth Marion Rosen valued is “the personal expression of individual essence”. (Elaine L. Maryland, Rosen Method, Preface, p.I).

Individuals often come to Rosen Method Bodywork because they are stuck in their lives, feel unfulfilled in their work, and/or relationships. Their lives somehow have lost meaning and joy. Sometimes they come without knowing what is stopping them from being all they yearn to be and want to re-connect with their own authenticity.

“In Rosen Method the client’s story is not fundamental, the underlying goodness, wholeness, essence or being is fundamental” – Elaine L. Maryland

Rosen Practitioners’ touch and presence facilitate deep relaxation within the body and in this state people often find their springs of self-expression, creativity and spirituality. Marion Rosen in her work noticed that when “a person’s diaphragm releases and lets go, they very often experience a sense of deep peace within; the diaphragm is incapable of releasing through conscious effort. Surrender is allowing, not performing……It’s release is a sign that deep emotions have been felt….that contact has been made with the deep unconscious attitude that has determined the client’s world-view.”

“When the client accepts and acknowledges himself, space opens up and new ways of expression becomes possible. The authentic self or essence, is contacted and becomes available” – Elaine L. Maryland

As a result, clients can become more creative in the way they live their lives. Rosen Method is often thought of as an art. Those in the performing arts – musicians, artists, actors, dancers, and others, can find more self-confidence, greater artistic freedom, flow and inspiration. Rosen’s deep curiosity about who we are, opens up a new awareness for exploration.