Rosen Bodywork sessions are for anyone interested in exploring the body/mind/spirit connection and how they work together to overcome illness, improve health and well-being, or for personal and professional development. Rosen Sessions can be of immense value to the whole person. The aim is to help people to experience their full physical and emotional potential through increased awareness and relaxation.

What to expect from a Rosen session?

HandsA Rosen Practitioner is trained to listen through their hands to identify what lies beneath the surface of the body. They are trained to notice restricted breath patterns, to identify chronic muscle tension and enhance awareness through verbal communication. They are non-judgemental about insights, memories and emotions that may arise.

The client lies on a massage table. Using their hands, the practitioner gently feels muscular tensions in the body. This ‘listening touch’ and the use of words between practitioner and client aims to establish contact and awareness that can lead to deep relaxation to release chronic muscle tension and emotional awareness. The emotions that arise, in this present moment awareness, may be experienced and processed.

Sessions are varied. Some clients laugh or cry, experience memories or feelings, or some may experience a softening within, self-connection, a sense of peace and calmness, more aliveness, clarity about what is important,  and a renewed sense of choice and purpose in their life.

The session lasts about 50 minutes.

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